- Deaf-led Service - Independent -
Confidential - Equality - Empowerment
Service for who?

Supporting Deaf people involved with
Not Deaf Advocate role to give Deaf people
express their views + wishes
secure their rights + entitlements
explore choices + options
make informed decisions
access information + services
have their interest represented
make a complaint or comment
feel confident + have greater control of their lives
Legal + Financial Advice
Health Advice
Or be a Social / Support Worker
Interpreter (only to clarify / intervene misunderstandings /misinterpretations between BSL/English Interpreter + Deaf BSL user)
  • We can offer support with a range of other issues.
  • We can refer people on to the relevant services + organisations that can assist with information / support or advice
Deaf Advocacy + Justice 4 Deaf People Code of Practice
make a complaint or comment
We can provide

- Training - Research - Consultancy -
- Deaf Community Advocacy Projects - 
- BSL Translation Services

Deaf Advocate role to enable Deaf people to